Hello! My name is Shelly Butterfield (Mussenden) and I am an Illustrator and newly published author of the book "Food and Things A-Z". My book is available to most of the world on Amazon.

I'm originally from California and currently living in Boston (brrrrrr but it's been fun so far). My daily life consists of eating carbs, trying to figure out how to tame my curly hair and coloring in the lines one shoe at a time @ASICS. I love bright colors and everything graphic! My favorite subjects to draw are inanimate objects, people, and food!

Besides art and eating, I love the outdoors! I enjoy hiking, frolicking in the flowers and exploring my city (something new always seems to pop up). As you can see my happy place is the beach where the sun shines bright. 

I hope you enjoyed exploring my website and you've left with some sort of inspiration. Have a lovely day!